Design DUBAI 

Interior Designing & Fit out works of Apartments, Villas and Offices.

(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates)

Interior Designing & Fit out works of Apartments, Villas and Offices. (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates)

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Our company has been specializing for 5 years on accomplishment of all kinds of work on finishing and apartment renovation in United Arab Emirates. We make small and complex apartment renovation as well as finishing on the design project. We guarantee quick and painless repair of your apartment. There are a great number of options for apartment renovation. From "tolerable" to "luxurious". Restrictions - only your fantasy and possibilities. Our company makes apartment renovation of any complexity as well as finishing of the apartment according to your desire. We are also ready to suggest to you these services:

Full “turnkey” service

Fit out works 

Interior Designing Painting / Wall Covering 

3D Design 

Joinery works

Gypsum work


Natural Stone Work 

Wall Décor Ceilings 

Kitchen & Bathroom 

Upgrade and Remodelling


Our premium villa exterior house design services have been revamping ‎& creating many beautiful structures across the UAE province. We ‎believe that beautification & designing of the exterior area is as ‎important as the interior space. The cultural heritage in the UAE province ‎has always given utmost significance to the beautification of structures. ‎We have technical skills & aesthetic sense to create magnificent external ‎appearance of any villa.‎


At Build Corp Interiors, we put in the best of our efforts to ensure that our services are perfectly aligned with the requirements of your lifestyle, and the vision you hold for your home. This is what leads to the creation of an extremely attractive and liveable space with the finest residential home interior design.


Design and estimate documentation is one of the main documents with which a construction organization has to work at all stages of the construction life cycle. Any construction, reconstruction and overhaul begins with the development, approval and expertise (design and estimate documentation).


The acquisition is a continuation of the company's approach to acquiring first-class plots in distinctive areas to expand its land bank for new innovative developments in the future with the aim of increasing returns for the benefit of its shareholders



Interior Design


Suspended ceilings, drywall


Laying tiles

Plastered walls


Laying laminate

Stacking of a parquet

Door installation

Installation of windows

Laying tiles

Installation of partition walls (glass and plasterboard)

Fitted wardrobes


Plumbing installation

Our rates

Painting / Wall Covering

The renovation means recovery of appearance without intervention in an apartment design

Modern Design

Modern Design means not only finishing of walls and overlappings, but also works on re-planning

Premium Fit out Work

Premium Fit out Work using high-quality materials, the latest technologies and the design project

How others work:

Doubtful quality of materials. 

Lack of a guarantee on repair and finishing works. 

Quite often inflated prices. 

Work is often tightened - you don't get result in time. 

Low-quality of work.

How we work:

Professional and experienced specialists. 

Guarantee of 6 months. Post warranty service. 

The best price-quality ratio. 

We guarantee compliance with terms prescribed in the contract. 

Exclusive handworks in interior design.

Apartments Interior Design

Villas Interior Design

Offices Interior Design

work process

5 reasons why 1459 clients have chosen us

1) Visit of the specialist is free For the calculation of the estimate you don't need to pay for travel of our specialist to the location. 

2) Purchase of materials is free We purchase all required draft materials for your repair and we will deliver them to object. 

3) Full “turnkey” service We are responsible for all work in a complex saving your time and money. 

4) Materials We work only with high-quality construction and finishing materials. 

5) Always in time! We strictly comply with the terms specified in the agreement.




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